Product Care Instructions

Product care instructions to improve the lifespan of this outdoor furniture:

Cover when not in use and store in a dry place in the ‘off-season’ to protect from the elements.

Caution should be used when using oils, lotions and other chemicals such as chlorine as these could damage the wicker.

Cushions should be removed when not in use and stored in a dry area.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture:

Our outdoor wicker furniture has a unique UV powder incorporated into the manufacturing of the wicker to withstand peeling, cracking and fading in New Zealand’s harsh conditions. To keep dirt build up at bay, regularly cleaning with warm soapy, clean water and a cotton cloth or soft brush. Please do avoid any abrasive cleaners or hard scrubbing as this can damage the surface of the wicker. To help keep your furniture always looking its best, we strongly advise that you cover the products when not in use.

Natural wood/teak Outdoor Furniture

Natural wood/teak may be cleaned using a wood cleaner or lightly sanded with a 600 (or higher) grit sandpaper.

Leave your natural wood/teak products outside year-round (under a furniture cover when not in use) or store in a cool, dry place during the winter to preserve the woods moisture.


With the aluminium it is advised that you make sure there is no water inside the tube, if it is to be left outside in the winter. When water freezes it will expand and damage the tubing and cause the aluminium to loose its shape.

Do not store the furniture on its side or standing up on one end. Whenever left outside, the products should be covered. Aluminium will not rust or corrode if looked after correctly.

Ice damage or extreme weather damage are not covered by the manufacturers warranties.

For any further questions on product care instructions please contact us.